data taker DT82E

2 Channel Low Power Environmental Data Logger

The DT82E is your ideal solution for applications where monitoring between 1 and 6 sensors is required.The DT82E comes with a rugged design, perfect for environmental applications. Connect up to (6) 4-20 mA sensors.

The built-in 16 character LCD displays a variety of function including data for each active channel. Historical data can be saved to a removable memory stick so carrying a computer to the job-site is not necessary.

Data Taker DT82E.jpg

Watch a quick overview on how to set up an SDI-12 Weather Station with a DT82E Data Logger


• Built-in software – no application to install

• Runs directly from your web browser

• Accessible by Ethernet or USB1 connection

• Intuitive graphical interface

• Easy-to-use configuration editor

• Access live and historical data

• View data as charts, mimics and tables

Data Logger DT82E

  • Dual Channel Isolation Technology

  • Up to 6 Analog (± 50V) sensor inputs

  • 8 flexible digital terminals

  • 1 Serial ‘Smart Sensor’ port

  • SDI-12 (multiple networks)

  • Programmable Analogue Output

  • Modbus for SCADA connection

  • Web & FTP client / server

  • USB memory for easy data and program transfer



  • Rechargeable Battery

  • Solar Panel

  • Charge Controller

  • Environmental Enclosure


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