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Multi-Parameter Sonde

  • 5 standard configurations

  • Integrated data logger

  • Modular design for varying site needs

  • Includes SDI-12 and Modbus® interfaces

  • Measures

    • Pressure/Level

    • Conductivity/Salinity/TDS

    • pH/ORP

    • Dissolved Oxygen

    • Turbidity

    • Temperature

Turbidity Sensor With Data Logger

  • Short and Long-Term Deployment

  • 0 - 3000 NTU

  • Battery Operated

  • Includes Aqua4Plus software

  • Can measure up to 3,000 NTUs

  • Available for Modbus® and SDI-12 systems

  • Built-in datalogger


CTX2 Smart Conductivity Sensor With Data Logger

  • Measures conductivity, total dissolved solids, and temperature

  • Integrated datalogger collects up to 349,000 records

  • Can measure as low as 10 microsiemens/cm and as high as 300,000 microsiemens/cm

  • Available with Modbus or SDI-12 protocol

  • Includes new Aqua4Plus software (Modbus® protocol)

seametrics dissolved oxygen sensor.png

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor W/ Data Logger

  • Measures dissolved oxygen and temperature

  • Integrated datalogger collects over 170,000 records

  • Utilizes fluorescence sensor technology

  • No membranes, fill solutions, replacement caps, or cartridges required

  • Includes new Aqua4Plus control software

pH and ORP Sensor

Water Quality Sensor with Datalogging

  • Measures pH, ORP, and temperature

  • Or measures Bromide and temperature

  • RS485 network

  • Integrated datalogger collects 200,000+ records

  • Includes new Aqua4Plus software

  • Dual protocol (Modbus® and SDI-12)

T1-temperature sensor.png

Water Temperature Sensor

  • Measures temperature and time

  • Integrated datalogger optional

  • Easy export to spreadsheets and databases

Turbidity Meter

Geotech Portable Turbidity Meter

  • Longest lasting lamps

  • Light source: White light or infrared

  • Shock proof, water proof and it floats in water, even with the lid open

  • Multiple calibration modes

  • Password protection that limits individual user access

  • Data logger includes 1000 data sets