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4-20 mA Submersible pressure transmitter with ceramic measuring cell

Key Features

  • No drift due to Ceramic CERTEC® measuring cell

  • No calibration (no drift means no calibration)

  • No dessicant

  • Durable: does not experience fatigue over time

  • Reliable: is not affected by temperature

  • Robust: No possibility of damaging measuring element when cleaning

  • Accuracy: 1% of measured water level

  • Standard: 4-20m/A, SDI-12

  • Construction: Robust Stainless Steel (optional Titanium)

  • Industry best over-range pressure protection

  • Integrated Overvoltage protection

  • Price starts at $860.00 Plus Cable

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The Hudro-Well is suitable for continuous level measurement of liquids. Typical applications are measurements in water/waste water facilities, deep groundwater wells and and many other environmental, industrial and automation applications.

The ceramic CERTEC® measuring cell is the heart of The HYDRO-WELL. The hydrostatic pressure of the liquid column causes a capacitance change in the measuring cell via the ceramic diaphragm. This change is converted into a standard 4...20 mA signal. The entire measuring cell consists of high purity ceramic and is characterized, apart from its excellent long-term stability, by very high overload resistance.

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