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Well Watch 700

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Well Watch 700


ENO scientific Well Watch 700



  • Measures water levels using sound waves, no risk of contamination

  • Complete well management and control, providing real time asset data

  • Simple external installation, no well decommissioning (prior or during)

  • Monitor levels in wells with caustic water without damaging the sensors, protecting equipment investments

  • Minimize or eliminate manual level measurements, reducing labor costs

  • Maintain well pressure while still obtaining real time data

  • Customizable data, set reference point/update frequency/logging rate

  • Integrates easily with SCADA and other communications methods


  • Real-time well levels (static, drawdown and recovery)

  • Complete data with easy acquisition

  • Enables well management and control capabilities

  • Protect the investment in well and pump equipment

  • Built in alarm capability in case of emergencies

  • No proprietary software or monthly fees

  • Comply with State and Local usage regulations


  • Level and Flow Monitoring

  • Resource Management

  • Pump System Control

  • Remote Telemetry

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The Well Watch 700 is the worlds first and only commercial grade sonic water level indicator designed for municipal, agricultural, and oil/gas applications. This Patent Pending system monitors water levels by sending a powerful acoustic pulse into the casing and doing a simple time/distance calculation on the reflection. Sonic sensors are externally mounted so there is nothing to lower into the well allowing it to operate on wells containing caustic water, oil or pressurized gas. Installation is simple and there is no yearly maintenance or calibration, eliminating the expensive initial and recurring fees common with other measurement technologies.

The Well Watch 700 was designed to be as adaptable as possible. The 700 easily monitors levels at any angle which also works for directionally drilled wells, such as deep mining wells that may change grades as the levels increase. The 700 will also provide accurate data in slant wells, such as this Desalinization Plant, that is installed at an almost horizontal grade. In this situation, the customers were unable to obtain accurate levels from the existing transducer without a fair amount of manual calculations because of the grade. The 700 was seamlessly integrated and is now providing real time data greatly reducing time and man power that was being spent on a single well.

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