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Water Level Meter
Water Level Meter


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Portable Water Level Meter

Standard Features

  • Dual function, measures static level and total depth

  • Available in Feet and Meters


  • Corrosion proof stainless steel probe

  • High tensile strength cables

  • All aluminum reels are impact resistant and crack proof


  • Lifetime warranty on all reels and frames

  • 9 volt battery drawer for easy battery replacement

  • Standard battery/circuit test button


  • Sensitivity adjustable to conductivity -probes avoid false readings in cascading water

  • Easy to Use -removable electronics module for thorough decontamination of reel and tape

Tape Length:
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The WLM810 water level meter is a self-contained portable instrument, this meter is used for measuring static water level in groundwater wells.

The WLM810 is constructed of lightweight aluminum and machined solid plastic components to provide a more rugged construction.

The electronics module can be removed so that the entire reel and tape can be cleaned and decontaminated.

The tapes are marked in feet, 1/10ft (black numbers) and 1/100ft, graduations and meet international standards for accuracy, US GGG-T-106E (USA) and CLASS II (Europe).

Click here to see a list of tape lengths


  • Pressure proof to 2000 psi

  • 5/8 Stainless steel probe with heavy duty shroud

  • Detachable probe is user repairable/replaceable

  • Full sealed, water proof conformal coating encapsulant ensures long term reliability

  • Pump drawdown function/recovery pump control at no extra cost



  • Steel frame coated in polyurethane

  • Precision machine nylon hub, stainless steel axel and bearing

  • Well casing hanger and guide protects probe and reel


  • High tensile spring steels core tefzel or polyethylene kevlar reinforced tape