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Water Oil Interface Meter - 2.jpg



Oil Water Interface Meter

Product Overview

  • 2 in 1 Smart Series

  • Designed and manufactured to be instrinsically safe and ATEX compliant

  • Precision instrument used to accurately measure the thickness of floating product layers as thin as 1millimeter and sinking layers of DNAPLs.

  • Fully sealed, pressure proof probe is available in 2 sizes: 5/8” and 7/16” and is ideal for wells, piezometers, direct push equipment and pump equipment

  • Signals oil with a solid tone and light

  • Water is signaled with intermittent tone and flashing light

  • Probe with pump alarm and pump controller functionality

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This Oil Water Interface Meter measure the depth and thickness of floating (Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids or LNAPLs), sinking (Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids or DNAPLs) hydrocarbons and water in monitoring wells as small as 1/2 inch (12.5 mm) inner diameter using an optical probe for industry leading accuracy. This oil water interface meter is available in various tape lengths, Standard and Metric Configuration.


Oil Water Interface Meter Probe Specs

  • Pressure proof to 2000 psi

  • Stainless steel probe with heavy duty shroud, 7/16 probe for direct proof ½ ID wells

  • Detachable probe is user repairable/replaceable

  • Full sealed, water proof conformal coating encapsulant ensures long term reliability

  • Pump drawdown function/recovery pump control at no extra cost

Oil Water Meter Interface Reel Specs

  • Steel frame coated in polyurethane

  • Precision machine nylon hub, stainless steel axel and bearing

  • Well casing hanger and guide protects probe and reel


Tape Specs

  • High tensile spring steels core tefzel or polyethylene kevlar reinforced tape

Ordering Options (Call or email us to order)

Standard Configuration Options

Tape Length: 50ft, 60ft, 100ft, 150ft, 200ft, 300ft, 400ft, 500ft, 600ft, 750ft. 800ft, 900ft, 1000ft, 1,500ft, 2,000ft, 3000ft

Metric Configuration Options

Tape Length: 15 meter, 20 meter, 30 meter, 50 meter, 60 meter, 100 meter, 120 meter, 150 meter, 175 Meter 240 Meter, 300 Meter

Specify Probe Size: 7/16” or 5/8” (7/16” has a higher cost)