Water Quality Management System


Multi-Parameter Sonde

The Multi-Parameter Sonde is designed and engineered by Seametrics. It measures and records up-to 6 parameters. Rugged and robust, designed to withstand outdoor environments while still displaying a beautiful craftsmanship.

The multi-parameter sonde performs accurately and reliably in many applications, and can be used for spot checking, short or long-term deployment.


This single unit can do the work of six sensors—all at the same time. Available in a variety of configurations to fit your needs, its modular design also allows for many custom engineering options.

To make your work even simpler, this sensor comes standard with both SDI-12 and Modbus interfaces, an integrated datalogger, as well as wireless connectivity for cellular modem



  • Available in 5 standard configurations to measure combinations of: pH, ORP, temperature, salinity, TDS, pressure and level, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity

  • Includes both SDI-12 and Modbus interfaces for greater flexibility

  • Integrated datalogger stores records in non-volatile memory

  • RS485 network—connects with other Seametrics Smart Sensors

  • Wireless connectivity

  • Modular design—easy to accommodate changes to parameter and data needs

  • Available with a variety of cable options—including polyethylene, polyurethane, and FEP

  • Flexible Windows®-based programming

  • Real-time viewing and easy export to spreadsheets/databases

  • Direct-read option for use with panel meters or RTU/PLC applications



Conductivity, Temperature, Salinity, TDS, Pressure (optional)

  • Measures conductivity, total dissolved solids, and temperature

  • Integrated datalogger collects up to 349,000 records

  • Can measure as low as 10 microsiemens/cm and as high as 300,000 microsiemens/cm

  • Available with Modbus or SDI-12 protocol

  • Includes Aqua4Plus and Aqua4Plus Lite software (Modbus® protocol)


The CT2X is a conductivity and temperature sensor with built-in datalogging. Incorporating a 4-pole epoxy and graphite electrode cell, it is extremely durable and resistant to data interferences—making it excellent for use in rugged field conditions.

The CT2X also comes with Seametrics’ powerful, easy-to-use Aqua4Plus and Aqua4Plus Lite software, affording the user extensive control, including real-time monitoring, flexible programming, and versatile data display options.


  • Measures conductivity, total dissolved solids, and temperature

  • Ranges from 10 microsiemens/cm to 100,000 microsiemens/cm (200,000 and 300,000 microsiemens/cm available on request)

  • Pressure and level option available

  • In-field calibration utilities

  • Narrow 0.75″ diameter, 12.5″ or 16″ length (depending on version)

  • Linear and nLFn temperature compensation

  • Up to 349,000 records in non-volatile memory

  • 316 stainless steel, fluoropolymer, and PTFE construction (titanium optional)

  • Digital industry standard RS485 interface

  • Available with a variety of cable options—including polyethylene, polyurethane, and FEP Teflon

  • Modbus and SDI-12 protocols available

  • Easy export to spreadsheets and databases



  • Precise single- or multi-well tracer tests

  • Saltwater intrusion tracking

  • Tidal influence studies

  • Wastewater treatment discharge

  • pH monitoring

TempHion™ pH/ORP

Water Quality Sensor with Datalogging

  • Measures pH, ORP, and temperature

  • RS485 network

  • Integrated datalogger collects 200,000+ records

  • Includes Aqua4Plus and Aqua4Plus Lite software

  • Dual protocol (Modbus® and SDI-12)


The TempHion™ is a submersible water quality sensor and datalogger that includes a ph/ORP element as well as one thermistor-based temperature element.

With a patented reference electrode, the TempHion provides long-term stability for continuous or intermittent monitoring—making unattended in-situ pH testing possible without frequent calibrations or service.


  • Easy-to-use in-field calibration utilities

  • 316 stainless steel, fluoropolymer, acetal, and PTFE construction

  • Solution ground for excellent noise protection

  • Operates on low power

  • Long-term sensor stability

  • Measures pH, ORP, and temperature

  • RS485 network

  • 200,000+ records stored in non-volatile memory

  • Dual protocol (Modbus® and SDI-12)

  • Narrow 0.75″ diameter, 17.625″ length

  • Available cableless or with a variety of cable options—polyethylene, polyurethane, or FEP

  • Easy export to spreadsheets and databases


Turbidity sensor with Data logger

  • Includes Aqua4Plus software

  • Can measure up to 3,000 NTUs

  • Available for Modbus® and SDI-12 systems

  • Built-in datalogger


Seametrics’ Turbo Sensor measures a wide range of NTUs, making it a versatile device capable of deployment at many different sites.

This device also comes with a built-in datalogger and Aqua4Plus software. With both features standard, the Turbidity Sensor is perfect for the environmental professional who’s frequently on the move.


  • Modbus® and SDI-12 interfaces for greater flexibility

  • Built-in datalogger holds records in non-volatile memory

  • RS485 network

  • Wireless connectivity

  • Flexible, Windows®-based programming

  • Real-time viewing of data

  • Easy export to spreadsheets and databases

  • Direct read option for use with panel meters or RTU/PLC applications

  • Available with a variety of cable options—including polyethylene, polyurethane, and FEP

  • Range: 0-3,000 NTU

  • Resolution: ±3 NTU

  • Accuracy: 2% at 25° C



  • Dam discharge monitoring aquaculture

  • Leachate monitoring (Landfill)

  • Long-term surface water monitoring

  • Monitoring remediation performance

  • Municipal and industrial water treatment facilities

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DO2 Sensor

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor with Integrated Datalogging

  • Measures dissolved oxygen and temperature

  • Integrated datalogger collects over 170,000 records

  • Utilizes fluorescence sensor technology

  • No membranes, fill solutions, replacement caps, or cartridges required

  • Includes Aqua4Plus control software


Seametrics’ DO2 Smart Sensor is the next generation in trouble-free oxygen sensing design.

Utilizing fluorescence of a stable, immobilized ruthenium-based film matrix, the sensor provides precision optical transmission and detection to measure oxygen concentration in the fluid outside of the sensor.

Equipped with integrated datalogger and Aqua4Plus software, this sensor provides convenient, high-quality data to the user.


  • Sensor does not require water movement, flow, or frequent cleaning

  • Does not require frequent calibration

  • 1.66″ diameter—fits easily in 2-inch wells

  • RS485 Modbus® interface

  • Measures dissolved oxygen and temperature

  • Over 170,000 records in non-volatile memory

  • Fluorescence sensor technology

  • No membranes, fill solutions, replacement caps, or cartridges required

  • Programmable warm-up time—easily set the warm-up time required by your equipment

  • Includes Aqua4Plus control software for setting up flexible recording sequences, retrieving data, monitoring real-time data, and viewing collected data


Portable Turbidity Meter 2020wi

Ideal for use in regulatory monitoring, process water testing, and environmental water analysis in the field or laboratory. Utilizing an 860nm LED as a light source, this meter measures the amount of light scattered at right angles from a beam of light passing through a test sample. The LED light source is optimized for waters with high turbidity and/or color. Meets design criteria for quantitative methods of turbidity using optical turbidimeters as specified by ISO 7027. Supplied with sample bottle; four optically selected sample vials with screw caps; 0.0, 1.0, and 10.0 FNU standards; instruction manual; Lithium ion rechargeable battery; wall charger; and carrying case.

Range: 0 to 4,000 Formazin Nephelometric Units (FNUs). Units of Measure: FNU, FAU, ASBC, EBC. Accuracy: ±2%. Response Time: <2 seconds. Serial Interface: RS232. Power: Lithium ion rechargeable battery and wall charger. Dimensions: 7.5” x 3.5” x 2.5”.

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Handheld Multi-Parameter 9829 

The handheld Multi-Parameter 9829 pH/ORP/EC/DO/Turbidity Meter with Autonomous Logging and GPS, 4m Cable

Equipped with a built-in GPS receiver and antenna, this meter allows you to track measurements from specific locations with detailed coordinate information that can be viewed on the display. This versatile meter also features an autonomous logging probe and measures turbidity. Combining a multiparameter probe with field-replaceable sensors, this waterproof meter measures pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, resistivity, TDS, salinity, seawater specific gravity, and atmospheric pressure (measured for dissolved oxygen compensation).

The meter can also be customized with the addition of ion selective electrodes (ISE) that measure common surface water contaminants. Choose from ammonium, chloride, or nitrate ISE sensors (each sold separately). The microprocessor-based logging probe ensures reliable data collection. The meter’s logging memory holds up to 44,000 records (continuous automatic logging or log-on-demand of all parameters), and measurements are shown on a large, backlit graphical display that also allows for full configuration of each parameter. Data can be plotted on the meter and also downloaded to a PC. The meter features a logging interval range from one second to three hours, Fast Tracker™ Tag Identification System to associate measurements with particular locations where iButtons® have been installed, password protection, GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) feature with the last five calibrations recorded, and USB connectivity. Includes meter, multiparameter probe, calibration solution, calibration beaker, probe maintenance kit, four rechargeable C cell Ni-MH batteries, power adapter with cable, 12V vehicle outlet adapter, five iButtons with holders, USB interface cable, Windows®-compatible software, instruction manual, and rugged carrying case.