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HOBO® U30 Weather Station Starter Kit

Includes HOBOware Pro for Windows and Macintosh (BHW-PRO)

Highlighted Features

  • HOBO U30 NRC data logger with 10 inputs (U30-NRC-000-10-S100-000 )

  • 5W Solar Panel - SOLAR-5W

  • Temperature/RH Smart Sensor with 2-meter cable - S-THB-M002

  • Wind Speed Smart Sensor with 3-meter cable - S-WSB-M003

  • Wind Direction Smart Sensor with 3-meter cable - S-WDA-M003

  • Full Crossarm for Wind Speed/Direction sensors - M-CAA

  • Solar Radiation Shield for Temperature & RH sensor - RS3-B

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HOBO U30 Weather Station Starter Kit

This convenient kit includes the rugged U30 NRC data logger that accepts up to 10 plug-and-play Smart Sensors. Three Smart Sensors are included (temperature/relative humidity, wind speed, and wind direction). Once a sensor is plugged in, it is automatically recognized. No additional programming, wiring, or calibration is needed. The kit also includes a 5 watt solar panel, a full cross-arm for the wind speed/direction sensors, and a solar radiation shield for the temperature/relative humidity sensor. Use HOBOware® (Included) to analyze and plot weather data.

Optional Accessories

4-20 mA Input Adapter

The 12-bit 4-20 mA Input Adapter interfaces with any sensor providing a 4-20 mA signal to connect to smart sensor compatible HOBO stations. This adapter features both a non-switched input and a battery-saving switched input that extends the life of external batteries. It also provides a trigger signal for controlling power to attached external sensors, while offering digital filtering which improves measurement accuracy with 32 readings/sample and 60 Hz noise rejection.


Computer Interface Cable

Interface Cable for PC computers

For use when HOBOware Pro is used with HOBO Weather Station Logger or HOBO Micro Station Data Logger