MODEL 260-WS-2501

260-WS-2501 rain gauge and data logger combination.jpg
260-WS-2501 rain gauge and data logger combination.jpg

MODEL 260-WS-2501


Rain Gauge and Data Logger Set

Includes Tripod as shown.

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The 260-WS-2501 is a battery operated data logger and rain gauge combination.The system includes a field replaceable battery, ships complete from the factory and includes the following components. ( Image Shown)

260-2103 Data Logger
260-2501-A Rain Gauge
260-950 Mounting Plate
190-300 Sensor Mast
190-505 Tripod
195-BHW-Kit Software

The 260-2501-A Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge was designed for the National Weather Service to provide a reliable, low-cost tipping bucket rain sensor. It has been updated and improved with the addition of an inner funnel to even the flow of rainfall into the gauge, providing better accuracy at higher rainfall rates. Its simplicity of design assures trouble-free operation, yet provides accurate rainfall measurements. The tipping bucket mechanism activates a sealed reed switch that produces a contact closure for each 0.01" of rainfall. The gauge has an 8" orifice and is manufactured of powder coated an anodized aluminum. The funnel screen prevents debris from entering the gauge.

The 260-2103 Rain Logger is an event data logger that connects to standard tipping bucket rain gauges to provide detailed rainfall history. The data can be useful in a wide range of fields such as agriculture, forestry, hydrology, and climatology.

This compact unit comes in a weatherproof case. It records the date and time of each bucket tip, along with the accumulated hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly totals. Data is stored in nonvolatile EEPROM memory that retains collected data even if the battery fails. The LCD display shows the total accumulated rainfall. Includes USB cable for direct, fast and easy data retrieval and analysis.  


  • 260-WS-2501 Data Logging Rain Station 0.01"/tip

  • 260-WS-2501M Data Logging Rain Station 1mm/tip

  • 260-WS-2501M.25 Data Logging Rain Station 0.25mm/tip

  • 260-WS-2501M.5 Data Logging Rain Station 0.5mm/tip

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