For Periodic or Continuous Level Measurements

PT2X - Pressure and Temperature With Datalogging.jpg

PT2X is ideal for observing flow patterns, testing pumps, and monitoring groundwater, well, tank and tidal levels.

A pressure and temperature sensor with integrated datalogging, this sensor is constructed with 316 stainless steel, fluoropolymer, PTFE—providing highly accurate readings in rugged and corrosive field conditions.

  • Integrated datalogger collects up to 520,000 records

  • Thermally compensated for volatile conditions

  • Easily connects with other sensors via RS485 network

  • Includes Aqua4Plus and Aqua4Plus Lite control software

Features - Sensor

  • Measures pressure, temperature, and time

  • Available in absolute, gauge, or sealed gauge

  • Thermally compensated—great where water temperatures vary, such as in streams or industrial tank applications

  • ± 0.05% FSO typical accuracy

  • Low power—2 internal AA batteries

  • External power options (12 VDC) with AA’s acting as backup

  • 316 stainless steel, fluoropolymer, and PTFE construction (titanium optional)

  • Available for both Modbus® and SDI-12 protocol

Features - Data Logger

  • Non-volatile memory—your data will not be lost in the event of a power failure

  • Flexible, multi-phase logging sequences—measure at your specified intervals and save instructions to disk for reuse

  • Pause logging feature—temporarily pause the logging while repositioning or transporting sensor

  • Delayed start feature—state a specific future start time, making it easy to set several sensors to start at the same time

Cabling & Networking

  • Wireless connectivity

  • RS485 network—allows several sensors to be networked together and provides much longer cable leads

  • Field-serviceable connectors—easily remove the connector, route cable through well seals, walls, or conduit, and then replace connector

  • Available cableless or with a variety of cable options, including polyethylene, polyurethane, and FEP


  • Comes with free Aqua4Plus control software to get you up and running immediately

  • View your data in real-time

  • Easy export to spreadsheets and databases

  • Barometric compensation utility for use with absolute sensors

  • Update sensor via firmware while in the field—great for future updates or custom development

The PT2X is the ideal system to record, water level, pressure and temperature in many applications, including:

  • Wetland monitoring

  • Well, tank, tidal levels

  • River, stream, reservoir gauging

  • Stormwater runoff monitoring

  • Resource administration

  • Pump and slug tests

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