AWM is a company dedicated to serving the water and environmental markets by supplying instrumentation and integrated solutions for a variety of applications where measuring and recording critical data is essential.

Through our partnership with manufactures and our knowledge and experience in the market, we are able to provide guidance and to help you identify a product that is suitable for your needs and that will meet the your requirements whether your project calls for periodic, continuous measurements and data management.

The process of integrating a system often requires acquiring components from multiple manufacturers. Because we know many of the products and the companies that produce them, we are able to buy and combine the components into a single system. This is what we call an integrated system and it is a solution specifically engineered to meet your specific needs.

We work with many manufacturers around the country whose vision as well as ours is to ensuring customer’s satisfaction with every opportunity.

AWM provides technical support for every product or system that is acquired through us, as well as calibration on certain equipment.

Rest assured that our goal is to help you in every way possible, and our help and support is always available by phone or email.