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Whether you landed on this page through an online search or had the direct web address, we appreciate your time and interest. We are confident that we will help you find a solution to address any challenge that requires measuring, monitoring, sampling water conditions in the field.

Through partnership with manufacturers and wholesalers we have been able to, in a short-time build a portfolio that includes a variety of products for periodic or long-term monitoring.

As we continue to grow, more products will be added to this site, our goal is to gain your trust through our services and commitment to you. AWM operates in Sacramento, California and sells and distributes water and environmental monitoring instrumentation. Calibration service on certain items is now available through us, contact us to learn more.


Level and Pressure Measuring sensors and recorders

Highly accurate submersible water level transmitters for Groundwater, Surface Water, Industrial Application, Automation and Control. Different output options including 4-20 mA, SDI-12, RS485 and Modbus ,cable length customization to meet your exact requirements.


Water Quality Monitoring

Smart sensors with built-in data logger battery or externally powered systems, ideal for periodic or long-term monitoring studies. Single measurement sensors or multi-parameter probes.

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Wireless Monitoring Systems and Data Loggers

Real-time remote monitoring platform, ideal for early flood warning, groundwater Level, Surface Water, flow, weather, Air Quality, Industrial Equipment and more. For extremely remote sites we offer satellite telemetry systems, capable to monitor a combination of 8 sensors. Additionally we offer data loggers various input channels ranging from 1 to several. Any of this systems can be supplied with rechargeable batteries and solar panels for optimum performance.

Weather Monitoring Sensors and systems

Weather Sensors and Systems

Portable anemometers, single measurement sensors for wind speed, wind direction, RH, solar radiation, ambient temperature, barometric pressure. Contact us for other options, we integrate sensors with wireless remote monitoring systems.

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Flow Meters For Open Channel Flow and Full Pipe ApplicatiONS

Contact us to discuss your flow meter application. We offer Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Inline Magnetic Flow Meters, Insertion Type Magnetic Flow sensor and rate and total indicators, as well as water velocity meters and depth to flow meters.