Satellite Telemetry System

MODEL: Mini-sat

Internet Based Telemetry System

The satellite field station is a powerful telemetry system that has been utilized around the world by many professionals in a variety of applications including; hydrology, meteorology, irrigation, control and more.

Access your data easily and conveniently over the internet anytime, anywhere from your smart phone, tablet or computer. Generate reports and receive alarms via email or text.

8 configurable analog channels allows you to monitor a variety of 4-20 mA sensors, or voltage inputs. See specification sheet or contact us for more details.

The satellite field station also features 4 digital inputs which makes it compatible with many pulse and digital sensors, such as rain gauges, or flow meters.

Extremely easy to install, the satellite field station comes with mounting hardware for a 2” pole. Also includes a 12 volts rechargeable battery.


10 Watts Solar Panel

Solar Charge Controller

AC Charger

Power Management

Conserves power by going into sleep mode when not

transmitting, making solar power an ideal source

solution when AC power is not available.


This robust system is an economical choice for

monitoring a limited amount of sensor inputs such as water

volume, soil moisture, rain, wind or temperature.

Features and Benefits

Satellite Technology

The premium satellite radio makes this station ideal for monitoring essential parameters in remote areas and features a very low latency.


Unit has a built in frequency to analog conversion making it compatible with digital outputs from most flow meters and other sensor types.

Available Sensors:

liquid level sensors, submersible and ultrasonic types, Wind Speed, Wind Direction , Water Quality Sensors, Relative Humidity, Ambient and liquid temperature, Barometric Pressure, Solar Radiation/Irridiance Sensor (Pyronometer) Rain Gauges, Flow Meters and much more.

This product is designed and manufactured by McCrometer, Inc.