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Automatic Water Sampler

Ideal for wastewater, industrial and environmental sampling


  • Composite, discrete or both types of sampling

  • Simple to operate

  • Pulse Output Standard

  • Lightweight and easy to carry

  • Rugged construction for harsh environments

  • Meets federal, state and local wastewater regulations

  • Timed and external flow proportional sampling

  • Adjustable and repeatable sample volume

  • Peristaltic pump prevents sample contamination

  • Automatic backflush clears pickup strainer and hose

  • Rechargeable battery or AC powered

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The WS750 is a versatile sampling system allowing you to set the sampling mode for each of two pumps and bottles individually. Because it is actually two samplers in one, consisting of two intake tubes, two sampling pumps, and two one-gallon sample bottles, any possibility of cross-contamination between the samples is eliminated.

You can obtain two individual time-weighted or flow-proportional composite samples, two full-bottle discrete (grab) samples, or a full-bottle discrete (grab) sample in one bottle and a time-weighted or flow-proportional composite sample in the other.

When taking two composite samples, you can even adjust sample size settings for each pump. The sampler can be easily set up and installed in any stormwater channel to take and store physical water samples throughout a storm event.

Included are a rainproof lockable carrying enclosure, two one-gallon polyethylene sample bottles, two peristaltic sampling pumps, a control panel-enclosed logic timer/controller, two 15´ reinforced PVC sample pickup hoses with removable debris strainers, a 5 AH rechargeable gel cell battery, and a battery charger. The Stormwater Kit (sold separately) includes a rain sensor, flow sensor, and an auto-drain rain gauge.


Sample Size: 15 composite sample sizes from 50ml to 2 liters plus a full bottle discrete setting. Size: 9˝L X 17˝W X 22˝H. Weight: 22 lbs. Operating Temperature: 0°C to 70°C. Materials: Enclosure, Expanded UV protected by PVC; Bottles, Polyethylene; Sample Tubing, Polyethylene. Sample Pumps: Flow Rate, 1,000 ml per minute at 4 ft. head; Type, Peristaltic; Maximum Lift, 20´. Logic Timer/Controller: CMOS Solid State (fully potted in epoxy). Sample Hoses: Two 15´ PVC reinforced 1/4˝ ID polyethylene flexible tubing sections with intake strainers. Hoses may be extended, as required, using standard 1/4˝ tubing and fittings. Battery: Rechargeable 5 AH Gel Cell. Battery Life: One pump running, 1 hour; two pumps running, 1/2 hour; standby, 3 months while still retaining enough power to run the pump to capacity.