Class A Evaporation Pan


Class A Evaporation Pan


Stainless Steel Evaporation Pan

Model 255-200 


  • Material: Low carbon stainless steel, type 304, 18 gauge

  • Construction: Heliarc welded, 1/2" drain plug, NPT female coupling

  • Size: Cylindrical, inside dimensions 10" deep x 47-1/2" dia (254 mm x 1206 mm), wall thickness 0.047"

  • Volume: Approx 77 gallons (adding 7.7 gallons will raise water level in pan by 1")

  • Weight/shipping: 50 lbs/68 lbs (23 kg/31 kg)

  • Shipping box: 50" x 49" x 11"

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The 255-200 Evaporation Pan is a standard National Weather Service Class A type for measurement of water evaporation. It is normally installed on a wooden platform set on the ground in a grassy location. The pan is filled with water and exposed to represent an open body of water. The pan is filled to within 2.5 inches of the top of the pan. The evaporation rate can be measured by manual readings or with an analog output evaporation gauge.

About Evaporation Pan

Pan evaporation is a measurement that combines or integrates the effects of several climate elements: Temperature, humidity, rain fall, drought dispersion, solar radiation, and wind. Evaporation is greatest on hot, windy, dry, sunny days; and is greatly reduced when clouds block the sun and when air is cool, calm, and humid Pan evaporation measurements enable farmers and ranchers to understand how much water their crops will need.

 An evaporation pan is used to hold water during observations for the determination of the quantity of evaporation at a given location. Such pans are of varying sizes and shapes, the most commonly used being circular or square.

The best known of the pans are the "Class A" evaporation pan and often the evaporation pans are automated with water level sensors and a small weather station is located within a close proximity.

We can supply your evaporation pan along with other essential instruments, such as water level transmitter, data logger, weather station and more.